Shipping costs


Shipping costs abroard

The shipping costs depend on destination country and total weight of the order.

Products up to 50 g (f.e. Stülpis®): 1,45 EURO standart rate per order

Products up to 1400 g (f.e. beltbags, handbags): from 7,50 EURO per order

Products over 1400 g (f.e. CrazyCloxR): from 10,00 EURO per order

Free shipping at an order value of: 150,-€


Payment options

We offer the following payment options:

   •    advance payment by bank transfer
   •    payment by PayPal


Detailed payment information

1. Advanced payment by bank transfer
Transfer the invoice amount under identification of the use to our banking account. You will get our bank details within the processing.

2. Payment by PayPal
Pay over the payment provider PayPal. Therefor use the informations deposited in your customer account without having to put in the payment details again. More details concerning payment by  PayPal you will find under