Wall clock "Crazy Clock-Jeans Pants"

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Crazy Clock "Leather Pants" - high quality wall clock made of metal with a convertible textile coat

Wild, loud, shrill and freaky. Crazy Clocx® are wall decoration, objects to collect, livestyle and expression of your personality.

Size (L/W/D): 40 x 40 x 4    Weight: about 1,5 kg

Clock: The clock is made of metal and powder-coated in anthracite colour. It has an quartz movement and the dial is made of four silver rivets.

Flip-Over: It is made of jeans, prepared with lining on the backside. It contains two buttons for easy covering.The Flip Overs are made by handcraft. Therefore each is individual. All edges are seamed with cotton or satin ribbons.

Extraordinary freaky: The Flip Overs can be purchased individually, too. So you can easily exchange your convertible textile coat and you`ll have  - depending to your current mood – a completely new look for your wall clock.

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