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Stülpi® - "Leo"

Stülpi® "Leo" - Cover for cigarette box

Stülpi® - The easiest way to pimp every cigarette box!

material: two layers of elastic rubber band       Width: 50 mm 

- Easy to handle: they are made of elastic rubber band,
  therefor "quick and easy" on the box
- Attraktive cover, cheeky designs, beautifies
  every box immediately
- Personalize your box - no annoyingly confuse any more
- Long lasting, washable
- Available in two sizes: Big Box (one for all variants)
  and small box
- You can stick the lighter to the box
- For Fashionistas: Additional use possible, f.e. as bracelet

…and the cream is: They are so favourable in price,
 that you can affort several Stülpis® at once

Insignificant differences between the article picture and the delivered product may be possible, because of the handcrafted production. This makes every piece unique.

Stülpi® is a registered trademark and a registered utility model
of HeldWalter GbR

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